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Who to keep?


My team stunk last year so i need some assistance choosing my keepers. Can keep 3 no penalty in a 0.5 ppr league.

Lamar miller
Allen robinson
Keenan allen
Sammy watkins
Golden tate
Isaiah crowel
Mark ingram

Thanks! Go footclan!


Tate, Lamar, Crow for me. Rbs are more valuable imo


I had a similar team last year with Miller, A-Rob, Allen, Charles/Ware Luck and after the draft I felt I would cakewalk to the playoffs. Sadly, like you, had a pretty rough year.

Miller is a must. I’d keep A-Rob and Allen unless further info pops up.


I feel like miller and a rob are my locks i just dont know about the third. Rbs are generally more important so the crow makes since. Tate is probably the safest of them all to get peppered with targets. The best upside is watkins and allen but cant trust them to play. (I really want to pick allen since he is my guy but he cant stay healthy)


Crowell, A Rob. If you don’t need to choose soon - wait to decide on third when you see how Watkins/Allen are doing and if it looks like D’onta Foreman is carving out a role in Houston. Tate will be a consistent player so may be the safety pick as you mentioned


My league decides keepers by the end of the month unfortunately. Allows for draft pick trading.


Ah, too bad. And you just keep these players where you drafted them the previous year (if so what is the round cost on each of these guys?) or your league just shortens the draft for everyone after keepers have been picked?


They are essentially our first 3 picks.


And everyone needs to keep 3? If that is the case I’d take Crow, A Rob, and Miller, with the thought that Allen or Watkins may be there for your pick in the 4th, and Tate should be available a little later if you decide you want him. Ingram is a huge question mark because of how the coaching staff seems to feel about him.


Otherwise I might take only up to 2 of those three and leave my options open for the 3rd round pick

One thing to consider is that some folks (depending on how informed your leaguemates are) won’t value Crowell in the top three rounds, even though much of the fantasy community sees him as a borderline RB1 this year.


I’d keep Miller, Crow, and Robinson. In a 12 team league RBs are too valuable.


Yes everyone has to keep 3 for their first 3 picks and its a 10 team. Should have specified that at the begining. My bad.


No worries! Definitely go 2 rb and take A Rob - with a 10 team it will be easier to find depth at WR in the middle rounds and on waivers through the season


Miller, Crow, and Watkins


Miller, A-Rob, and Crow.


Great question! These guys all have great potential, especially Miller with a new regime. But I would go with Ingram, Keenan Allen and Allen Robinson. I think Ingram is a consistent PPR guy, Allen, despite the injury risk, is Rivers’ number one guy in a throwing offense and Robinson will have a bounce back year. Good luck!


Keep the top 3. All have the highest upside and cost the most. You can recover some of the others through the draft