Who to keep

14 Team PPR, Snake, I am the 14th pic. 2 keeper league. My first keeper is Jordan Howard at #14. Should I keep Mike Evans @ #2 or Tom Brady at #5 ???


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So, the 2.01 pick would be yours, right? Which is where you’d keep Evans?

If ~28 top-talent guys are off the board, Evans is most likely a good value there. If you let him go, he’d probably go in the first 5 or so picks of the draft.

Evans. Definitely

I dont even see the queston here honestly lol. Its evans all day every day. There are total of 2 people i keep before evans in a dynasty or a keeper. Just 2. And brother, tom brady aint one of them. I dont care if you get tom brady for free and evans costs a first. Its still evans.

Gotta keep Evans for sure, a guy that has the talent to be a #1 WR compared to a QB that you can snag one in a similar range later in the draft.

Yes correct, I Evans would be my keeper after my first pic. Thanks Everyone
who replied. I figured as much but I want to gather as much info as