Who to offer for Bell?

12 team PPR

My trade candidates are:
DJ (trying to dump), DeDe/McLauren, Auden Tate, AJ Green, Montgomery, Hyde, and Howard

Keepers are: Saquon, Julio, and Kittle

His team is:

Bell, Michel, Coleman, Darrell Williams
Cooper, OBJ, Edelman, Shepard, Jackson, Humphries, Corey Davis

Thanks for posting both teams rosters. I’m assuming redraft.

My first reaction is that their team is not likely to give up Bell. They are clearly not deep at that position. You would have to include DJ, but with his current injury, you would also have to give up another RB2 or better (maybe Hyde and Howard).

Are you prepared to trade DJ/Hyde/Howard + to get Bell? What does that leave you for RB depth behind Saquon?

What are your current records?

Yeah redraft

I can give up DJ, Hyde, and Monty for Bell. I’m actually getting Ty Johnson for Howard on waivers.

So if it went thru I’d be left with Saquon, Bell, and Johnson (plus Murray, but looking to trade him this week to the Kamara&Freeman owner)

He’s 1-6 as am I, so we’re both in need of wins.

That makes it all the harder. They NEED Bell.

What about trading DJ to a 7-0 or 6-1 team that can handle an absence.

Yeah, I’m just hoping that Bell’s recent mediocre games may sway him, especially if he’s getting all this depth.

There’s a 6-1 team with:
Henry, Lindsay, Jacobs
Robinson, Hill, Sanders, Sanu, Robby Anderson

I would go after Jacobs. Past his bye. Has a few favorable 2nd half of the season match ups.

Think they would accept OBJ (name value) for Jacobs?

I don’t have OBJ, that’s the Bell team

My roster is:

Saquon, DJ, Hyde, Montgomery, Ty Johnson, Murray

Julio, Dede, McLauren, AJ Green, A Tate

Kittle, Henry

Oh, sorry.

Murray and someone…Henry if they need TE.

No worries lol

He’s got Kelce so good there. Maybe Dede/McLauren/Green?

You can try it! My best advice for trading is to talk/chat with the person. My success rate when sending system trade offer vs when having a discussion is night and day. The other manager may view their own team entirely different than you or I.

As an example, maybe they see Kelce as a liability without Mahomes.

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indeed, the two trades I pulled off earlier this season were over text negociations.

Thank you for your input!

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You seem smart :slight_smile:

I was offered a trade today. Trade away Gurley and Darnell. Receive Edmonds. My team is:

Kyler, Sony, Gurley, OBJ, Diggs, Herndon, Stills, Latavius Murray, Ebron, Malcom brown, Darnell, Cooper, Dorsett and Darnold.

Honestly having all 3 Rams RBs is so damn stressful and I really want a guy to stack with Kyler. What do you think??

Don’t love that trade. I’d aim higher than Edmonds. DJ could be back as early as this week. Totaly in favor of trading Gurley and Henderson away.

Looked for more information on Brown but couldn’t find anything yet. I’d likely dump Brown for the best player on waivers. He was DNP all last week. Would need a week more like Gurley’s to play in week 8.


Red Alert on DJ!

I agree, thing is I’ve tried for other RBs but no ones budging. I can’t go after another WR cause I’m good in that position. I just don’t know who to target for Gurley. I’ve tried for Bell, Chubb and Jones. So I’m just lost right now. Idk what to do honestly

Try Murray (coming off a big game, recent memory bias) plus Gurley for one of those guys? Can throw in Brown too

Josh Jacobs, Mark Ingram, Austin Ekeler?

I like you

I got offered Bell, Kittle, Cole Beasley FOR Kelce, Hyde, and Auden Tate. 12 person standard league. I think I’m going to take it.

Gigity! Accept immediately… for me.