Who to Pick at 1.02

Barkley is gone. Im learning toward Penny but i have things i like about other backs also. belichek putting 1st round on Michel when he has only done that 1 other time but that Rb only lasted 5 seasons, not that it affects Michel he has just busted there before and the fumbling problems concern me. I like Jones alot based on his landing spot and im a big TB fan but i try to not let that affect my Fantasy choices. I like Chubb/Guices Talent but they both are looking like 2 down backs with good 3 down backs already there on the roster.

For me it’s Guice and then a steep drop to Penny at 3. If Penny was almost literally anywhere but Seattle, I’d consider it.

Guice should be the 1.02 but since it sounds like you aren’t sold on him, sell the pick to the .04 or .06 range and you’ll still get one of the guys you mentioned above

I did wind up with Michel at 1.08 in a draft started post nfl draft but one guy had multiple picks ahead of me and decided to jump on Moore with one of them:

is how it shook out for the top backs in that one

Ya i tried everything i could to move back talked to everyone all the way down to the 1.07 b/c RoJo is the back i think is going to blow up. the one big knock on him is his size which i dont mind lots of other top HoF backs have been around 205 and i think he will get a little bigger once he gets on NFL program. I like his landing spot, his age, and his talent enough i just grabbed him at the 1.02 i figured it was better for me to go after the guy i liked the most even if i might have over paid. My 1st round ended up being Barkley,Jones,Guice,Penny,Michel,Chubb,Freeman,Johnson,Moore,Ridley,Kirk,Sutton

Yea, definitely go for your guy! No one knows for sure at this point as much as folks love to make statements like they do haha so I think you made the right move there. I was pretty lucky with how much I was able to move around in my draft

DFWB is right. I am staying away from all things seattle given that their o-line is JV. I bet you that Royce Freeman is going to be #2. they are a defensive minded team, drafting a rush end when they already have one of the best, needing someone to shorten the game - running back. On top of this he is just a good football player.

as far as Michel, I haven’t drafted a NE rb since ridley and that wont change until bilichik retires.

ya i can see that I also am of the mind that TB will have a huge jump in O-line play. They did a whole lot this offseason adding Jensen to the Pivot which kicks Marpet back to his Natural Guard slot where he is much better, there has also been quite alot of talk about Smith possibly hitting his stride as a very good LT he started doing alot better in the last 3-4 weeks of 2017. I dont think Dotson is great but he isnt awful at RT either IF Cappa can slide into the other guard,that O-Line could end up being one of the better lines in football if they can actually stay healthy this year. RoJo should get plenty of chances to seeing as Dirk has been known to use the run to open up the play-action he kept that style even when Martin looked like shit last year. If tampas D can get even marginally better at getting sacks there shouldnt be many games where the run gets abandoned Granted all of this is quite alot to ask but we have seen crazier things in this league.