Who to pick in the TE wasteland

Cant believe im in this position

-Dan arnold
-some other no name tight end worth looking at

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Wow, brutal. Those two probably flip a coin. After Arnold’s screw up on the GL, he has to be in the doghouse. Engram could get some late work if they build a lead which they probably will. Eli did chunk him that bomb for no good reason so maybe he gets a couple of grabs.


Its like pick your poison.

On one hand, arnold is a ball catcher for ghe saints against the bucs

And engram might get more work since obj is gonna be out

With OBJ out I now think I would rtoll with Evan. He’s basically a WR and they are down one. I could see him doing ok. With the Saints way too much clutter. It could be Watson again taking most of it. He does have better hands and it is a rain game. I would steer clear of Arnold. GL drop in a dome, nobody around. Payton holds a big grudge with that stuff. Seen him do it a bunch of times for fumbles and screw ups.

And engram plays slot and Washington struggles against slot

I’ll go with Engram. Now with OBJ out he got more upside. And when he’s :on::fire:, he can put big numbers. I ll go Engram over Brate this week in 1 of my league

Good luck 2U