Who to place at Flex this week?

I currently have Sony Michel in the spot but he has a tough matchup in the Vikings this week

Other options are Ridley, Miller, or Humphries

Humphries has the best matchup on paper.

I’m between Humphries or Sony. Weird comparing the two but Humphries has been doing well for himself lately. Sony is probably safer but Humphries may have a better chance of exploding if that’s the play you need.

Wouldn’t consider the other two over Sony.

I actually kind of want to lose this game to move from 3rd to 4th in my league so perhaps going with Humphries is the best bet lol. The reason for this is im trying to not play our First Seed in the second round after his bye…if i get there i’d rather lose to him in the finals lol

Haha alright well it’s very risky. Make sure you consider every single factor and you don’t get bumped out of the playoffs with an L in any given scenario lol

oh ya i’ve clinched a playoff spot no matter what so it doesn’t matter at this point. All im trying to do is assess what might be the easier path to the finals