Who to play at RB Jordan Howard or Tevin Coleman

Hey everyone just a quick question to help with my struggles. I’m in a full point PPR with 3 WR and 2 RB starts no flex… For my RB’s I have Jordan Howard, Kamara, Coleman, and James White. For sure starting Kamara in one slot but who should go in the second? Debating between Howard and Coleman. Each has a downfall as Howard you never know what ur going to get with that offense and Coleman going against Seattle! HELPPP!!!

Safety - Howard
Upside - Coleman

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Howard. Baltimore’s run defense is not always there. ATL I don’t think are going to do get much done in Seattle.

Tevin Coleman could literally be rb1 this week. That’s his ceiling. Jordan Howard is leading the nfl in drop percentage. On a bad team that doesn’t score a lot and is in a committee where the 2/3 combines for more snaps th last game… also coming from a falcons fan. So I like Tevin, but I’m playing against the guy who just keeps getting richer, and has Tevin so I WILL be rooting against him