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Who to play in Full PPR Flex spot


Got a big playoff game as 5 seed going against the 4 seed, off to a good start with one of her players only scoring 2 points Thursday but the rest of her team is dangerous so I need my flex play to be the best possible, here’s my options: Devin S. Scrumptious (tough matchup with Rhodes), Doug Baldwin (tough matchup with Ramsey), Jay Ajayi (ok matchup but in timeshare), Jordy Nelson (terrible with Hundley) or Mike Davis (unproven against Jax…) Any advice or thoughts?


man…that is brutle.

depends if you are risk taker…I think Ajaji may break open. He obviously was more featured last week against tougher D…but that is brutal…

you’re right to be stuck


I know… Most years I’d be happy to have all these guys to choose from, even most weeks this year… Just a bad week start the playoffs on… Ajayi is tempting… I’ve been leaning towards Baldwin (only if Ramsey doesn’t play) but maybe Ajayi is worth the start. Thanks for the input!


ajaji is still a risk…

but he complained 10 days ago, and then was more involved last week AND seatle was very up for it…

so against weaker Rams, and a very very determined Phili…I think there is a chance for something bigger BUT still a risk