Who to play over Davante Adams?

I have some options because I had him in the flex spot

Russel Gage

I even could throw in Robert Tonyan who I picked up in case the chief game got cancelled and Kelce didn’t play.

I am thinking MVS but I have a feeling Tonyan is going to get some end zone tarets again.

MVS for floor. Tonyan for upside (2TDs). What do you need to win the week?

I’m up 8. He has ridley and watkins I have kelce and the flex spot. So really anything could happen. Non ppr

Also I played mvs over lazard last week when adams missed and it cost me the win. But someone has to catch the balls tonight.

Russell Gage is an interesting player. Julio and Ridley have been a little beat up this week and might not play at 100%. I’d take MVS and then Gage. I’d take gage if Julio/Ridley end up not playing for some reason

Yea if julio or ridley miss I might roll with gage. I have another league with julio and gage on the bench in case he doesn’t play, but I already won that game.

Whoa! :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Hope you played Tonyan.

Went with MVS. doesn’t look like its going to matter, but I think I might be playing Tonyan in my flex after the bye

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