Who to play - Semifinals

As we all know, semi-finals start tonight for the Thursday night game.

For my flex, I am looking at Lev Bell @ the Ravens, Mostert vs Atlanta, and Hunt @ the Cards.

I am currently leaning towards Kareem, but would hate to see L Bell put in a performance this week on my bench.

Any advice?

I think this week I’d play both Mostert and Hunt over Bell. And Hunt would be my #1 option out of those 3.

Thats what I am leaning towards also.

Bell has somehow been consistently putting in double digit performances without touchdowns however, so my fear is that this is the week he gets some receiving yardage with a touchdown.

Always a possibility, but Hunt has been consistently good since he came back and has a great matchup. All you can do is play the right guy off the matchup and hope. Always some luck involved.

I gotta pick 2. Bell, Michel, Murray AND Washington. So I feel you on this stress right now, for you. I’d go hunt