Who to play this week in the FLEX position?

Guys yall have helped me start off to a 4-0 record and im back again to ask to see who yall would run with.

I currently have Chris Carson in as my every week flex but with him going up against the rams, I was thinking maybe their DST might make him fumbly again.

Would yall stick it out with him or…
Devin Singletary
Golden Tate
Phillip Lindsey
Terry Mclaurin

again its a 12 team full point PPR league

I would go Carson. He will get the touches and he had a solid game this past week. Also the Rams just got torched by the Bucs, don’t forget that!

I like carson this week too

I think Carson is the safe bet. I like Tate in a full ppr league but for his first game back a Minnesota D might be tough but also might be the reason they throw to him on quick slants or screens due to Jones having no time in pocket. I’m still going Carson though until he fumbles again