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Who to play wk 8


Who do i play? Corey Clement, Wendell Smallwood or TJ Yeldon?


Following I am in a similar boat…


its not a good boat haha


Right I have A.jones, Yeldon, and Clement… I was hoping i could count on Yeldon for a little longer but idk.


The way i look at it, Hyde doesnt know the plays and they need to keep their undeafted streak in London going so im assuming they will bank on Yeldon more but who knows.


Good Point


I’m concerned about this whole Clement, Smallwood hype over Ajayi going down. LOL…I’m just as guilty since I broke my neck trying to get Smallwood at the time. BUT…it hasn’t panned out!!! So I’m at a loss over this one. Sorry I’m not being any help here…BUT…I’m as clueless in this arena as y’all are!!! So…WATCHING this post!!! Thanks y’all for this one!!!

WTH TO DO with these guys!!!


Gotta tell y’all , That’s awful choosing because Eagles d against RB is amazing and Jags D against the RB is great as well; I’d choose clement only because of better offense


It’s just a MESS there in PHI!!! Smallwood was supposed to be the BIG one…THEN…you hear it’s Clement!!! I give up!!!


Exactly ! But as an Eagles fan it’s frustrating all around lol


Clement is sucky to own too. I’m playing Kirk, Watkins, amendola over clement.


I spent way too much for clement to drop him but tough to hold onto him.


Roster clog purgatory


Id play Mostert if you can


Would you drop clement for Royce freeman?


yes freemn gets a solid workload when healthy. When Sproles comes back after bye, clement will be splitting with another back.


I dropped Watkins instead.


Too risky to play him. I’ll let someone else deal with Watkins.


you’d start Mostert, even if Breida starts for SF?


Yeah i am. I really don’t think Brieda will play. He still gets more points than smallwood or clement even with Brieda. They are playing the Cardinals. They arent worried about loosing. they are worried about keeping their guys healthy.