Who to put in the flex

Should i start:
Goff, Brissett, or Jimmy Graham

yes i can put a qb in my flex, im leaning qb based on the floor most likely being higher, thoughts?

This isn’t even a discussion in terms of which position to start, not even for a split second…there is no floor “most likely” being higher, it is a fact that average QBs have a MUCH higher floor than average position players, especially TEs. So I would play Goff I think out of these. I know they play Seattle, but QBs have put up some points against them and they have a good offense.

Is there any scoring to limit QB points?

Assuming there are no point limitations I would definitely go quarterback. I think Goff probably has a higher floor and Brissett a higher ceiling. All depends on what you are looking to get out of that spot.