Who to replace Watson?

Had Deshaun Watson and since he’s out for the year now that leaves me with just Jameis. Who would you try to add at QB?

I’d play Goff this weekend. He’s available in most leagues

He was claimed on Wednesday and is going against me

Mcgown or Tyrod then

Who would you guys start Goff or Tyrod lost Watson today as well

Me personally I’d Go Goff. Giants give up a ton of points to fantasy QB’s and no Jenkins

I think I’d go with T Rod against the Jets this week. He might not get much help from K Benj just yet but he’s got Shady. As @lynch24 said Goff wouldn’t be a bad choice either up against the Giants. I, too, had this choice to make, and after checking with the Ballers rankings as well as several other of the top accurate experts, I decided to roll with Taylor. Best of luck my friend with whatever you choose. I think either will probably be great plays.

And…if this helps any…the expert rankings also had Taylor above Cousins (my usual starter) this week.

Both Goff and Tyrod are on another teams roster. So my options are Winston or McCown

Then Winston would be the better of those two. Winston was limited in practice yesterday from his shoulder AC injury, but reports are leaning towards him playing.

Mccown is another streamer that throws Touchdowns. Drawback is that he plays tonight

I went with Tyrod got a lot of garbage time points but points are points