Who to start 1/2 PPR for my RB 2

Kerryon vs Chargers, Montgomery vs Denver, or Singletary vs Giants

Personally, I’d go Singletary. After Jacobs showing against the Broncos, we know a good runner can gash their D. We just don’t know if Nagy is smart enough to hand the job to Montgomery more completely. If there’s news otherwise, I’d fire up Montgomery. Kerryon against the Chargers? Mack definitely destroyed them last week, and they knew he was going to be the main strategy. The difference is that Indianapolis has one of the best o lines in the league. The Lions don’t. That’s one of the reasons I chose to stay away from Kerryon (and regretting drafting Devonta, per Andy’s recommendation, but I don’t think anyone saw the Falcons’ having such a porous line. Also Vikes.) Dammit. This is tough. I don’t trust McDermott to let Singletary run just yet, but he did have 5 targets. That’s pretty good for a RB. The Bills are going to be playing catch up with Saquon, and they’re probably going to rely on deep passes and screens, which will go to Singletary and Yeldon, but Yeldon only played 3% of snaps. So, they’ll be dumping it off to Singletary.

Basically, I talked myself out of Singletary, but back to Singletary. If Kerryon couldn’t muster much against AZ, I can’t imagine he’ll do much against LAC. He’s all big play, but so is Singletary, kind of.

Trust your gut, but my opinion is: Singletary, Montgomery, Kerryon.

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