Who to start 10 tm PPR league

Hey all, you’ve been fire so far with your advice. Need one more.
Who to start as my second WR, C. Kupp or Agholor?
And for Flex, start Yeldon or the left over WR?Hope that makes sense. Thanks for all the help. #footclan

Kupp and yeldon is fournette is out. Agholor and kupp if he’s playing.

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I would go with Agholor and yeldon. Agholor is a target machine and yeldon will be starting

help with mine please

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I would keep Elliot. You just got Green and I don’t trust Fitzgerald for season long reliability. Hope that helps

Yea. The off. Line of Dallas looks week.
An I don’t know about hogan. There’s to many targets on that team plus once Edelman gets back I look for hogan to be just a route runner.