Who to start 2nd round of Playoffs....help!

Need some advice on who I should start this week at each position. Thank you Clan!

QB - Rivers or Watson…I’m leaning Watson because if Gordon and Ekler don’t play it will make Chargers offense one dimensional.

WR - MT, Humphries, Ridley, Pettis

RB - CMC, Mixon, Michel, Ware

Flex - any of the options from above.

TE - Kelce

DST - Houston, Denver… starting Houston as of now

For the QB, the fact that those two may be out would actually make me lean more his way. KC gives up tons of points, and this game will be bananas. I expect they will need to throw the ball a lot to keep up.

Ya I guess im just looking at from KC’s dst perspective…“they can’t run on us so drop everyone in coverage”

but yes i do agree with your point…also the Saturday game is weird for Watson…is it in London or something?

any other suggestions at different positions?

I have a hard time seeing this scenario… they have like the second worst run defense in the NFL