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Who to start advice please


I’ve got Green at the #1 and Bryant at the #2 Bryant’s matchup makes me nervous cause they got Cleveland, they might just run it with Bell most of the game. With Robinson@HOU that matchup doesn’t look too good to me… and Watkins IND on my bench and same thing with the steelers, do they hand the ball of to Gurley the whole game? . Montgomery in my flex and I’ve got Bell and Hunt starting at my RBs. Standard league… love to know what you guys think…


What are your league’s starters?


Bell - Hunt
Green - Bryant

Keep Robinson and Watkins on the bench until we know what those offenses are, would be my advice.

The great thing about Bryant is that he is fighting the #2 CB, and all he needs is one blown coverage for a 40 yd TD.


Such a great point with the CB2 he’s playing against never thought of that… but I’ve got

Those are my starters pretty much haha
QB Luck and thinking of starting Palmer or Eli
TE Eifert
WR Ginn JR
WR Marshall
RB Martin
RB Riddick


I’m trying to trade for Rogers any ideas… the guy that has Rogers is pretty weak at RB… has Howard and Lacey at his one and two… Promise and Burkhead as his only back ups


Standard 10 team league