Who to start as my WR2? - PPR

Fitzgerald vs Rams
Jones Jr. vs 49ers
Shepard vs Cowboys
Kupp vs Cardinals
Pettis vs Lions (listing him just in case for the Pettis truthers out there)

I also have Godwin, but my WR1 is Evans in this league.
If it helps, my opponent is only projected 1 point ahead of me even with Eifert only giving me 4.3 points.

I think you still have to go Jones Jr here.

Fitz actually has some pretty awful home/away splits. Even though it’s a heavy passing game script, not sure i trust that offense yet as Fitz/DJ are only weapons. And if Cardinals learned anything from Oakland, RSJ should be the main beneficiary.

I wouldn’t hate it if you went Kupp though. Going to get matched up vs some of the worst slot CBs in the league. If you need the upside, play jones. If you need the floor, play Kupp. If you’re referring to yahoo projections, they’re a joke so wouldn’t pay too much attention to him. Just look at your opponents roster and see how risky it is and counter it.

ESPN/ Yahoo, same thing, both unreliable lol. I’m on the right: Distracted Chimera.

I’m mostly concerned about Chargers DST, Hopkins, and Julio on his team.

I would play Pettis. Kupp is a close second.

I think Garappalo has a great game and Pettis has the most targets

Well if you’re worried about JJ and Hopkins, I can tell you he’s most concerned about Barkley and Gordon on your team. Gordon absolute thrashed the bills last time and their run d is straight poop. I think your team is pretty damn safe.

I know all the experts have Cam ranked super high, but I’m personally pretty concerned. I’m benching him for Case Keenum in one league. It’s not popular opinion, but that’s just how I feel.

Given your line up, I’d probably just play Kupp to have a safer route and hope Gordon/COnner/Barkley get the job done for you.