Who to start as RB and Flex in a .5 PPR league?

Really struggling here, don’t know who to play in a half point PPR league. Need to pick two of:

  • Mark Ingram
  • James Conner
  • Matt Breida
  • Tevin Coleman
  • Isaiah Crowell
  • Derrick Henry
  •   Also thinking of starting Keelan Cole as my flex as I really like his matchup against KC but I don't know, is there a third running back I start over Cole as a flex?

I don’t understand? Is this against the rules?

id start Conner and Ingram. i think it’s worth the risk of playing kamara and ingram. plus itll be an entertaining monday night. if you don’t want to risk that, then i’d do conner and coleman. of course freeman is returning, but i think he’ll see enough share since they won’t want to work freeman to death his first game back, and there will likely be lots of long plays and scoring drives – too much to expect freeman to shoulder all on his own after having just returned.

i don’t really like breida all that much in this one. there’s no reason to expect a high scoring game, and those who have run a lot on AZ have pretty low YPC. most TD’s are goal line stands. morris is that guy for the 49’rs. he’s 225 and breida only 190. that being said, breida isn’t a bad play by any means either.

but i say Conner and Ingram.