Who to start at QB for week 4?

Current QBs are Winston and Mayfield, and neither have a great matchup. Drop one to add either Brissett (vs OAK) or Stafford (vs KC) or Dalton (vs PIT) and if I do drop one, drop Winston or Mayfield? Thanks!!

Who’s all in waivers for you? And what’s your league size and point system? (Standard, 1/2 ppr, full ppr etc)

Its a 1/2ppr (though not sure that matters with QBs). 12 team league. Brissett, Dalton, Kyle Allen are the best left (Stafford was picked up earlier this evening). Hope this helps.

Look at the matchups and kinda make your best bet. If you have a scrambling QB, it’s better, but it kinda doesn’t matter in ppr