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Who to start at the flex?


Standard Scoring League
Flex Options :
Ty Montgomery vs. Seahawks
Dalvin Cook vs. Saints
Isaiah Crowell vs. Steelers

I´m not sure if starting Montgomery against Seattle is the right choice. Cook against New Orleans looks like a better matchup to me. Crowell against the Steelers is pretty much senseless.

Thanks for any advice !


I think you’re looking at this all wrong. It’s Aaron Rodgers or Bradford or Kizer. Hmmm. I’m starting Ty easily here. Pair players with good QB’s and you probably win. I’m not opposed to Cook here, but I’m 65% Mont. 35% Cook. I’d have to see who you are starting at RB because I’d likely play all 3 of these guys if I can.


My two starting Runningbacks are Freeman and Gurley. I love Cook as a Homerun guy, but I see your point with Montgomery.



I start Crowell. Browns won’t let Kizer try and win the game so Crowell is going to get a bunch of carries. I think Seattle will suffocate Montgomery and I don’t trust the O Line of the Vikings to start Cook yet.


But do you think the browns actually will have time to run the ball? I assume a pretty clear L for the browns…


I honestly believe the only chance they can win is to control the ball and run


Crowell is running behind a much improved O-line and he ran well last season (almost 1k yds on less than 200 carries) behind a poor O-line. the Steelers D isn’t anything close to the Steelers D of old. And Crowell also caught a decent amount of passes last year so if Kizer is going to start, I can see a good amount of check downs going to Crowell.

Cook is the lead back playing against a bad defense. That said, NO always puts up a lot of points so MIN could end up just having to chuck the ball and if he’s coming off the field on 3rd down that greatly limits his potential touches.

Ty is playing against a good defense that just got a lot better up front with their trade for Richardson.

I’d go with Crowell, Cook, Ty in that order.


I guess I´ll go with Crowell. You convinced me.

Thanks to everyone


Cook, and it’s not that close for me.