Who to start at wr 3 and flex

Ok I’m wondering if I should go with funchess, doctson, fowler at wr 3 and would you maybe also put one of them in your flex currently I got buck Allen

Or ted ginn

Also standard league

would for sure go with Funchess out of the three. As for the flex I would just go with whoever has the most targets and best matchup.

Yea I’ve got buck Allen in right now but the Vikings defense worries me. I wanna take a flyer on either doctson vs philly or fowler vs chargers

Fowler as most of there receivers are banged up and funchess as Benjamin’s bad knee is acting up again-I like Doctson when he doesn’t drop the ball-smh

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Yea it’s a 16 man league and fowler was still available after the waivers so I grabbed him. I’m also debating on the steelers d or go with Carolina

Steelers no brainier to me-

I agree going with Fowler, and I’d go with Carolina against that rookie QB.