WHO TO START!? Coleman or Burkhead?

With the Thursday night game coming up,

Do I start Tevin Coleman for Thursday night or Rex Burkhead on Sunday.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated

I would start Burkhead personally, I like him to get most of the goal line work and should see a good amount of passes just based on the lack of options in NE.

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Agree with @steve_freitas here. Burkhead will have more opportunities to score

Assuming Burkhead is 100% I would start Burkhead. I have him in two leagues and I plan to start him in both.

I’m going with Coleman here. Burkhead hasn’t really done anything to show he will be the main back in NE yet. I’m a big Pats fan and their backfield is always scary. Coleman is a known quantity. Even in his back up role everyone says he has stand alone value as a flex.