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Who to start: Doctson, Golladay, TJ Jones, Fowler


I picked up Golladay for free after waivers, with the plan to keep an eye on him vs TJ Jones. I have Fowler already. Doctson is sitting in the free agent pool.

Who’s the better start for a 3rd WR this week, and ROS? Thanks.


This week probably Fowler, ROS Doctson or Golladay depending on his useage coming off injury.


Fowler strictly on the matchup with a bad KC pass D?


and I dont think Sanders is playing. If Sanders plays that changes things.


All aboard the Doctson hype train. I tried to trade for him all year, never could get a deal done. Then his owner drops him this week. I scooped him up and am starting him against him. His old owner has some fantasy karma coming back his way after a shady trade this week.