Who to start/flex for Championship match?

Here is my current starting line-up:

QB: Jackson
RB: CMC, Fournette
WR: Hill, Cooper
TE: Waller
K: Koo

Who would you flex out of: Will Fuller, DK Metcalf, AJ Brown, or Josh Jacobs

Would you play any of these WR over Cooper?

Standard scoring

I like AJ Brown and right now I have him ranked higher than Cooper but if you are only looking to fill a flex spot put AJ Brown in and congratulations on a solid lineup!

Would you start Brown as WR2 and flex any of the others over Cooper?

If you can start both AJ Brown and Cooper do eeeeeet! You have Hill brother! So if there is a extra flex spot to be filled plug in AJ Brown…if not start Hill and Cooper and have that be your WRs

Brown and Cooper are currently in the line-up.

Since my first post, I also now have Boone, Washington (dropped Jacobs), and Perriman - you have any of them higher than Brown or Cooper at flex?

Or either of Boone/Washington a better play than Fournette - I generally think not, but Fournette has been more meh last few weeks.