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Who to start for 2nd rb


I’m curious who you guys would play for rb out of the following: riddick, fournette, Cohen or Carson. At the moment I have riddick in because it is full ppr and I think he will have a big day against Atlanta. Fournette scares me with his matchup and I think they stack the box all game. Advice wanted :+1:t2:


Fournette will have a good game, the volume just can’t be argued with (or the talent for that matter), he is far and above any of the others you mentioned at least in my opinion.


I think fournette will have a descent game but if they keep him out of the end zone his point total will really suffer. My concern is the rest of that Jacksonville offense can’t help him


We’ll let me say this. Cohen is a third down back who is facing a tough Steelers defense, but they will probably be down a lot so that might help him. For Carson, I honestly just don’t like Seattle situation right now, but you could make a similar argument for him as cohen. Fournette was on the fielda lot last week. So he is your most dependable volume option, even if he’s going up against a great defense. Cohen is more of an upside play to me, and I don’t really like Carson at all. So it depends on what your roster needs, a dependable three down back on an albeit a less than stellar offense, or a passing down back on a similar or probably even worse offense, that will probably be coming from behind. Hope this helps, cheers :blush:


Thanks @forsettbilly :+1:t2: I think you swayed me to the workhorse fournette. Just have to hope for the best


Any other opinions?


Bump for some more advice


Out of those options I would say Fournette as well