Who to start? Hooper or Hockenson

Is Hockenson and the Lions offense healthy enough for him to get some scores or should I pivot to Hooper who plays a weak Jax?

Hockenson for me.

Hooper on paper, has a great match up, how ever that means you have to trust Mayfield to get him the ball. No thank you.

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Appreciate your input! The only thing that scares me is Hockenson and Stafford have been banged up. But I think I’m leaning Hockenson as well.

It makes sense to worry. However, Hock has been dealing with his injury for the last 2 games and Stafford played injured last week.

In Hock’s last 2 games, he has 12 rec 104 yds 1 TD on 18 targets.

In Hoopers last 2 games, he has 4 rec 44 yds 0 TD on 7 targets.

I trust an injured Stafford over a healthy Mayfield this year.