Who to start!? I messed up

Long story short I now have brown, Gordon, and Edelman. I’ve never played 3 receivers from the same team but now this is my receiving core. On my bench is Sutton and Marvin Jones. What would you guys do

Btw this is because I drafted Antonio earlier in the year with edelmen and picked up Gordon off waivers early as well. Oops

This is tough to me because brown May be limited because he hasn’t fully learned the playbook but they also play the dolphins so I’d def play Gordon and Edelman and in terms of brown just depends on how much u think he will play

Right now I’m playing all 3 and it just seems crazy to me lol it being against the dolphins makes me feel better but going forward I can’t see myself playing them all each week I’m gonna be forced to move one most likely and it’s hard to tel where the best value is in regards to that

I would start all 3 patriots against Miami since if you bench one, that one will go off. Marvin jones is the one I would start over Sutton but Pats will want to show off brown so just get all the Brady yards in a blow out.

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I would sit Brown

I’d say roll them all out this week, should be plenty to go around, but if there’s any clarity on the Brown charges next week I would definitely try to deal Gordon.