Who to start in 2nd RB-spot?

I will start Alvin Kamara.
But all my other RBs are in very “difficult” situations. Andy, Mike and Jason recommended in nearly every show this week, to not start any of them, but the waiver wire is depleted and I obviously have to start a 2nd RB

Pick 1:
49ers: Mostert or Breida
Bucs: Ronald Jones
Chiefs: Darwin Thompson

Or would you recommend to start both 49er RBs and sit Mike Williams or AJ Brown???

Thx for your answers!!

I might be the only one to suggest this, but I would consider Thompson. The Cheifs RBs have always had success the past 3 times they’ve played. Granted that was Kareem Hunt but someone has to score for them and Hill may be locked down by Gilmore and Andy Reid loves RBs. But hopefully someone else can tell you something better for your SF backs. I would stay away from Ro-Jo just because game script is tough to bet especially for playoffs week 1.

Thanks for your advice!! :+1:
I was actually leaning towards Thompson myself. But I needed to hear some moral support! :slight_smile:

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