Who to start in flex

Flex position- 10 man league.

Currently debating- Ekler vs Montgomery.

I can also start Golladay.

Question is who you would start out of the two running backs. Unless it is obvious to start Kenny G

D.MONT Just due to all the hype from offseason hes ready to roll

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I’d go Montgomery. Based on everything the bears have said and done he should be in line for lots of touches. It’s still unknown exactly how the chargers will split Ekeler and Jackson. And I would expect Montgomery outperforms Golladay.

If you do choose Montgomery make sure he is in your RB position, so you can make a flex change should someone else get hurt

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Thanks fior your input!

Capesius- Thanks for the tip with putting him into RB position. I will be doing that hhaa

No problem! Had never thought about it until the ballers mentioned it last year and it’s just so simple and can relieve some stress in freak scenarios