WHO TO START? It's coming down to the wire!

PPR league…

cnoose 2 of 4 from Duke Johnson, Dion Lewis, Woodhead, and McKissic


choose 2 of 3 from Dez, JuJu, and Crowder


Lewis, Woodhead because of volume. JuJu Crowder. jUjus injury scares me though and you won’t have Dez as an option if he ends up out.

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Dion Lewis and McKissic believe both will see lots of opportunities and Dez big week coming! ( Gut Call) and JuJu

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Lewis, Woodhead. Dez, Crowder

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Johnson and Woodhead
Juju and Dez only if Tyron Smith plays. If he doesnt then Crowder

Sorry to jump on your thread but I need 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and a flex this week. I have a lot of good choices but idk who to lock in this week. Who would you play?

K. Hunt v. Bills
C. Mccaffrey @ Jets
J. Ajayi v. Bears
S. Perine v. Giants
D. Murray @ Colts
D. Martin @ Falcons

B. Cooks v. Dolphins
D. Funchess @ Jets
R. Anderson v. Panthers
C. Hogan v. Dolphins
S. Shepard @ Redskins

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is it a PPR or standard league?

I’d probably go with McCaffrey, Demarco, Hunt, Cooks, and Funchess.

Seems like Hogan and Shepard aren’t going to play so WR looks pretty solid. Demarco and Hunt are iffy in my opinion but it’s hard to bench them. I kind of like Perine but seems like everyone thinks that will be a low scoring game. Ajayi shares touches and Martin is terrible haha.

It’s a Standard league. I’m actually pretty scared of Murray. Even though it’s the Colts he’s been so inconsistent this whole year.

who were you thinking of putting in place of him? I like Ajayi a lot but it’s so hard with that backfield. Perine will get the workload. and both are much safer choices in standard leagues in my opinion.

I was considering either of those two. Leaning towards Perine because he’ll get the workload and the matchup in his favor.

I agreed with everyone else you picked and they were already in my lineup, but what’s your thoughts on Anderson over Funchess this week?

I think Funchess will have a bigger workload. Their other receivers are banged up and Olsen might be rusty. I think it’s honestly a toss up, as both have TD potential