Who to start. Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen?

Who should I start this week? Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson? I know Jackson has been a beast so far but NE DEF is making me nervous.

I have this same exact thing to decide this week… I’ve went back and forth a few times but ultimately, I know what josh Allen was able to do against NE and I am confident that Lamar Jackson can do better than josh Allen so basically, I’ve accepted that Lamar should be good for atleast 11 points this week and that’s enough for me.

Josh Allen

Jackson for the ceiling.

Tough call. I probably could not start him. NE is going to bait him. Make him see quasi wide open run lanes then bury him. NE also does not honor garbage time. If they did I would start him but they never let up. There will be no garbage time like with say the Saints where they just roll their eyes at the end. Lamar is in for a long day and he will not be running the ball I know that much. No way they allow him.