Who to start matt ryan or kirk cousins?

Who would you start week 8? Matt Ryan has a solid matchup against the jets this week but he also hasn’t really looked like himself. I noticed cousins was available and he’s been getting it done fantasy wise.

Thanks guys!

He also had a solid matchup against the pats last week, and flopped yet again. Start the number 6 QB over the number 23 QB

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WOW…Cousins is still available??? I would DEFINITELY grab him while the grabbings good!!! And I seriously think he might be your better start most weeks ROS. Have had Cousins last three years and he’s pulled me through more often than not. Can’t believe how many aren’t major sold on him yet. He’s the REAL thing I think!!! Course…that’s just MHO


Cousins as I’m looking to replace Ryan with another player-

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Yeah…I’m not expecting the Falcons to just lay down and die after NE shoved that game down their throats. Ryan is definitely not just a shim-sham QB, I think he’s still gonna take that team to a showing…just think Cousins is one you can’t take a chance on not getting a taste of and letting him take you to “places unknown”!!!

If Kirk is available I question what league you are playing. Start him.

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I honestly like Cousins-

I have to agree. Hard to believe Cousins is still sitting on ANY league WW at this point. Hard to believe it even after week 4. He’s done this every year for past 2-3 years. First two weeks…shake your head…after that…WOW. I think Cousins has got to be a major “must start” from here on out!!! He’s DEFINITELY proven he’s NOT to be dismissed. Right now pulling off most games with practically NO HELP from his WR core!!! What’s that tell you???

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That the Redskins and Snyder are idiots! Quarterbacks don’t grow on trees-They are gonna wish they had him back when he is gone!

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LOL…I couldn’t have said it better myself. Just hoping and praying SF doesn’t suck him in next year. GOD HELP US!!! OR MIA!!! LOL

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They will sign him if they can

OK…call me crazy…but…you know who I’d love to see Cousins with???..One of the NY teams!!! He’s used to playing in the weather…and I think Bills are really, really, really working on an NFL come back. Remember the Kelly, Reed, and Thomas era??? Ahhh…the memories!!! LOL…yeah…I know…4 times in the SB…4 times losing. But…we all know SOMEBODY WAS GETTING PAID OFF. NO WAY A TEAM GETS TO THE SB EVERY YEAR FOUR YEARS IN A ROW (at least back then) AND CHOKES EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!

No no no! Our Dallas teams were unstoppable! Thats for another discussion lol but the Bills aren’t going anywhere with Tyrod and looks like they are dumping salaries in an attempt to rebuild-They have some good players and coach-I hope they do get better and run all over them New England Patriots!!!

YEP…EXACTLY MY POINT!!! They’re dumping salaries and have had a taste of a few victories!!! BUFFALO loves their football teams!!! Anyway…just thinking Mr Cousins is really looking at a HUGE career WITH THE RIGHT TEAM!!! I’m his #1 fan and hoping like hell he gets the chance somewhere that he can prove his REAL WORTH!!!

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Can you see Shady and the Capt?

Yes-Kirk Cousins is just like Rodney Dangerfield as he gets no respect from hardly anyone!!!

LOL…very well said my friend!!! Might be a GREAT topic for a new post here!!! If you don’t…I am. But…gonna call it quits for tonight. Will catch up with you soon. Not tomorrow…tomorrow’s FOOTBALL!!! LOL…ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! Happy dreams when you get get there buddy!!! Best of luck this week!!! Talk to you soon!!!

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