Who to start Mike Williams or Terry McLaurin

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to seek some advise on who I should start this week…either Terry McLaurin or Mike Williams…I usually like Terry better but he has a rough game coming up. Just wanted to get some advise. Thanks.

Bump up for help

I’d rather roll the dice with mclaurin

I’m rolling mclaurin worried if I should start Brandin cooks or Auden Tate this week in my flex.

with @Kdub345. Mclaurin has seemed unstoppable. Hes finding ways to get open

Im starting Tate, but i dont have many other options. With Kupp getting crazy targets, and the rest spread id go Tate.

@Jesusbass1387 that’s what I’m thinking. Cooks is not being used well at all. Runs streaks 90% of his routes. But against the beat up falcons. I like tate with getting near 10 targets a game the last couple weeks. Jags aren’t that crazy defense like 2 years ago.

And they just got rid of Ramsey. Major upside

Was debating on trading trying to offer cooks to get Kirk but not sure if they’ll make the trade. Or if it’s a low ball offer with how cooks has played.

Any last second opinions…I was leaning towards scary terry but with the rain I’m leaning towards williams…what Do you think

Terry has seemed unstoppable, but the Pats shut him down. I think SF does the same in this game.