Who to start. Need one

Need to pick one. Options are Juju, Cooper, or Robert Woods.

I’m kinda in the same boat. Trying desperately to decide between Ju Ju and Woods. Running out of time here since Ju Ju starts in just over an hour!!! GRRRR

Juju easy. Cooper unreliable but decent matchup but no clue if he goes off. Woods tough matchup with Minnesota.

Take juju. Cooper not reliable and woods have Minn defense. I have juju in one of my leagues.

Yeah @cantwin13 @gary_gravlin…that’s kind of my thinking as well. LOL…but that doesn’t always work. But yeah…thanks y’all. Reckon I’m gonna go ahead and make the move and just be done with it. Good luck @zacattak999 with whoever you decide as well!!!