Who To Start Now

In a tough spot because I had Evans and Zeke in a lineup…and they got me a total of about 12 points. Woof. I did have Brady which has at least given me a shot, but going up against the team with Cooper means I need high upside.

Who gives me the highest upside this week between the following? Pick 3 of the following:
Ekeler (his injury makes me hesitant)
Jacobi Meyers

I was eaning Ekeler, Robbie, and Gaskin, but now that I need upside thinking about pivoting.

I’d keep an eye on Ekeler obviously, but I’d probably roll with him, Robbie and Aiyuk hoping for some blow-up performances from these WRs with cake Week 1 matchups.

Just be ready to insert Gaskin as needed depending on how Ekeler progresses leading up to gametime.

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Ya that’s where I was leaning now. Worried Ekeler will be limited to 10-15 touches if he plays, but I think that’s a risk I have to take.

If it’s a PPR, I still like his floor if he’s on the field. If 7 of those touches are receptions…

But if you start Gaskin in this scenario, I think it would be over an injured Ekeler. You need a few boom performances and you’re more likely to get those from Robby and Aiyuk this week.

Agreed with everyone else’s consensus. You drafted Eckler in either the first or second, if he’s starting you have to play him.

After that you need to cross your fingers for some Boom’s, so Anderson and Aiyuk would be my choices.

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