Who to start? Pick up?

I have Rivers as my starter, but he faces the Rams this week. Fitzpatrick is on waivers and plays the Steelers. Do I ride with Rivers, or make a bid on Fitz. Also, its a FAAB waiver.

Fitzmagic has a better matchup against a terrible pits defense. The Rams are the real deal. I don’t think that Rivers will have an issue putting some points up, but the Rams are so good this year.

My worry exactly. Rivers will obviously throw the ball, and most likely be behind all game to where he has to throw. But, it is the rams. But if Fitz can continue for one more week, steelers defense has been giving up a lot.

As long as you don’t spend much. It would also depend on who you’re having to drop

Yeah I’d only spend a couple dollars. Worse case scenario is that Rivers will have to throw the ball a lot and at least rack up yardage. You know the Rams will be feeding Gurley against that defense and putting points on the board.

What kind of bid you thinking of putting in on fitz?