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Who to start? Playoffs on the line


With Crabtree out this week I need to start a WR from my bench. If I win this week I am playoff bound. If I lose it will be up to points on whether or not I get in. Full point PPR

Jordy Nelson - We all know the story here…
Ted Ginn JR. - Still that boom or bust guy
Josh Gordon - Is it worth the risk first week back after being out so long?

There is nothing on waivers before anyone asks that. Its a 14 team 2 qb league so the pickins are slim…


is seth roberts available to pick up?


Top 5 on waivers are
J Holton OAK
D Thompson LAR
J Matthews BUF
C Rogers IND
T King NYG


Ginn for the win!


I like Ted Ginn this week. Not sure if it helps or not, cuz I liked him either way, but Colby Fleener has been ruled out. And he’s playing his old team. I think this is a rare pass-heavy attack game for the Saints this week, and I think that makes Ginn’s floor safer than the other options.