Who to start with Gus Bus' injury

I have 1 of the following RB’s to choose from now that Gus Edwards is out for the year.

Ty’son Williams, Javonte Williams, Michael Carter, or Jamaal Williams?

Of your Williams options (not really looking at Carter), I’d probably look at Javonte or Jamaal. They like Jamaal in Detroit and even though Swift is playing, Williams will get touches this weekend. As for Javonte, no one can really predict what that early-season usage with Melvin will look like, but I think those are the two best shots-in-the-dark you can take here.

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No Ty’son consideration? He’s 1 of 2 RB’s on the active roster with the Raven’s loving to run the ball and the Raiders having a horrible run defense

I’d probably lean Ty’son. Like you said there is no one else on that roster that they probably trust. I would expect him to be on the field a lot and get 15 or so carries and maybe a TD.

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I wouldn’t hate Ty’son based on the situation and I don’t think there’s a huge difference between the three Williams options. I would just personally rank them Javonte, Jamaal, Ty’Son based on perceived talent.

Safest workload, to your point, is likely Ty’Son.