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Who to Start? WR & Flex


I need 2 WR and 1 Flex?

Kelvin Benjamin
Alshon Jeffery vs WAS
Stefon Diggs
Kareem Hunt


Diggs and Alshon WR
Hunt FLEX.

Hunt should be started always unless he shows us that he’s bad


With that being said, put Hunt as your RB. You should never start Thursday players as your flex.


I have Freeman and Miller as my RB1 and 2.

Should I play Hunt over Miller


If it’s PPR, I would go kelvin and diggs with hunt in the flex. Non PPR, I would do kelvin and Jeffrey with hunt.


And yes to hunt over miller if that’s a different question. Hunt I think can be a top 10 guy this year with his opportunity. I think miller is a middlinging RB2 in that offense. Yes he had a little over 1,000 yards last year, but on a game to game basis, he was terrible.