Who to take #1 overall. Full PPR. Bell or Gurley?

Pretty simple question really. Both are cant miss backs and you could even throw DJ in there and you cant really go wrong.

However, my draft is tomorrow night, and this Bell holdout business is really starting to worry me. I was around 90 percent going to take Bell until this morning. Not that I doubt Gurley, but he has the tougher strength of schedule of the two. I firmly believe Pitt is going to run Bell into the ground in what could be his final season with the Steelers supposedly. Lev already said hes going to turn it up another notch this year to prove his worth. I think Bell could reach 90 receptions as Big Ben is not as mobile as he used to be and could be dumping the ball off more often. I’m under the impression Lev doesnt come off the field unless he needs to sip on some gatorade. Not that any of these projections matter, it’s all speculation and we cant talk about it until we are blue in the face. However, we know 1 thing. Gurley does not have a contract issue after getting PAID, and Bell does…

But is it even worth risking Bell holding out into Week 1 or even deep into the regular season? I could just take Gurley who has no underlying issues and could easily outperform Bell once again this season. I just don’t want to take any chances with the number one pick.

Am i just reading to much into this whole thing? Or are there actual concerns? Who would you guys go with and why?

Gurley is the easy pick for me this year. Bell’s issues with the Steelers and him possibly missing game 1 just reinforces that for me.

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Honestly it’s whoever you like best. I was in the same situation a couple nights ago. All three guys do the same thing and have the potential to be a league winner.

I took Gurley because he doesn’t have a clear cut number one receiver in the lineup. He’ll be featured just as much as a pass catcher this season. McVay is an offensive genius and will get the most out of Gurley.

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I would go with Gurley, he seems to be the better bet.

What do you think about this one?

Thanks man. I may just take Todd to be safe.

in Full PPR, it’s Bell for me. In any format, honestly, it’s Bell for me. Holdout doesn’t really worry me that much. Even if he misses one game. He is just a superior pass catcher and they feature him much more in the passing game than Gurley. Also, I see his TD upside higher this year with Haley gone. Probably see more goal line rushes vs stupid pass plays.


For me it’s easily Bell. No one else will touch the ball 400 times this year. He will rush the ball more than Gurley and catch 20+ more passes. Gurley had several long TD receptions on screens and those are extremely flukey. You are seeing Bell’s floor every year and last year you saw Gurley’s ceiling I think. Bell holds out what seems like every year and yet still has crazy numbers. I just think Pitt will run him in the ground knowing he won’t be back next year