Who to take .5 ppr #3 pick

Kamara or Henry at #3 pick .5 ppr. Assuming cmc and cook go 1 ,2

I’d go Henry.

Dude is a tank and the difference in the passing game is more than outweighed for the 700-1,000 more yards that he’ll get on the ground. Also gotta expect at least some TD regression from Kamara and getting into the endzone is the only way he outperforms Henry.

Ride him until the wheels fall off.

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Probably not helpful considering the previous comment but I’d take Kamara over Henry, been betting against him for years and then he’ll throw out 6 TD’s in a week, too explosive, too talented, and who else going to catch passes there? And jaemis leading the race to start at QB, Murray potentially on the out, goal line work all day. But you can’t really go wrong haha l, would love either

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My concern is amount of touches and no passing work. Also Julio and brown are banged up going into the season doesn’t look good.

Henry should be the #1 overall pick, and if you get him any later than that, it’s stealing.