Who to take at 1.02 in a dynasty start up. 1PPR

who you drafting at 1.02 in a dynasty start up and why!

My top 4 ranked are Hopkins, OBJ, Zeke, Gurley so OBJ or Hopkins for me

I’m taking OBJ, Hopkins, or Gurley in the first 3 picks.

3rd vote for OBJ or Hopkins (in that order, for me).

took gurley…here is my team so far if you wanna extend some input on where i should go from here

1.02 todd gurley
2.11 joe mixon
3.02 carson wentz
4.11 alshon jeffrey
5.02 doug baldwin
6.11 larry fitzgerald
7.02 alex collins
8.11 trey burton
9.02 Kenny Golladay

In win now mode so let me know your thoughts

Honestly, I’m not a fan. RB, RB at one and two, along with the age of your receiving core, definitely puts you in win now mode, and QB at 3 (especially one who’s not a lock to start week 1), is very early. You probably need Wentz and Gurley to be the guys they were last year (which is an awful lot to ask of either of them) and for Mixon to take his place in the top 10 if a suddenly very deep RB position to have a real chance at competing in the short term. To stay competitive long term, you’ll need some serious help at WR

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noted! thanks for the input

just took martavis @ the 10.11, you thinking more youth(wr) with my next picat 11.02 like josh doctson

I’d definitely want some youth/upside. Who else is there? I also wouldn’t ignore values at other positions, if there are any.

I went with martavis and doctson
next turn im looking at
ty williams

chris carson


Lee would be my top target of that group.

updated it haha this is pick 12.11 so 140s

I have the 1.01 in a start-up next week and I’m taking Gurley. Would love to take a Hopkins or Beckham but when I look at the Running Backs that will be left for me at the 2/3 turn it’s pretty slim pickings… but that’s just my personal preference as I think I’m going to be able to find value at WR later in the draft. Plus if your doing a reverse order rookie draft with the 1.09 or 1.11 you won’t be getting any of the top 5 rookie RB’s in that draft either. Gurley is only 23 and plays in an elite offense…