Who to take at 3? PPR league

Not sure who to take at spot 3 this year in my PPR 12 team league! Help me out! LIKEY looking at Elliott, MT, and Kamara.

I would go Kamara. I prefer the rbs this early as odds are one really good wr will drop to you next round. Elliott I’m more skeptical on just because McCarthy isn’t the best for rbs.

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I would go with Elliot. I am assuming you are thinking that the #2 is going to take Saquon. I feel like Elliot is the most consistent of the bunch. MT is amazing, but there is not replacing those top tier RB’s

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  1. Elliot
  2. Thomas
  3. Kamara

Obvs Saquon or CMC if they fall to you otherwise I’d personally go:

  1. ZEKE (Consistent)
  2. KAMARA (should have positive regression in TD category)
  3. THOMAS (I’d be amazed not to see yardage regression and even POSSIBLE TD regression with Kamara seeing an uptick and Sanders also on the field.

Just my 2¢

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  1. Elliott
  2. Kamara
  3. MT
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I wouldn’t take Kamara that high but Barkley or Elliott are definitely the 2 I’d decided between. Saquon Barkley and Ezekiel Elliott both hold more points value then Michael Thomas even as the WR1, I wouldn’t take Thomas till early round 2, always go RB first.

I would definitely go Zeke (that’a coming from an Eagles fan), he’s consistent and assuming he makes a full recovery from COVID, he should be immune from catching it again. So one less thing to worry about.

Zeke by a fair margin, then the Saints interchangeably at 4/5. I’d prefer an elite RB to an elite WR, & I think Zeke is a better RB option than Kamara.

It’d be tough for me but Zeke is consistent and durable. I think Kamara is gonna have a good year through. So it’s close. I wouldn’t hate either. Just my 2¢.