Who to take at 9th overall .5 ppr?

I’m thinking gordon. I want to hear opinions. Also who would you take on the turn, I was considering hunt if there if not maybe dalvin.

One of OBJ/Hopkins.

Then Allen/MT on the turn.

Ez decision for me. Go Zero RB. The value at WR is insane, and you can just smash RBs in the mid to late rounds and you’ll be shocked how much you like your roster.

im just not convinced allen can stay healthy enough. he only has one full season. I have had a loy of success with zero rb, but also with going rb rb. hopkins won’t fall to me.

He has 2 full seasons. His rookie season, and more importantly, last season.

I don’t try and predict injuries. If you’re scared of Allen, then MT is a great option. Could also go Green or Adams.

Keenan Allen’s two big season-ending injuries were an ACL and a lacerated kidney:

ACL’s are unpredictable and there’s no real evidence that having one of these injuries means you’ll have another in the future. Once it’s healed, that injury is over.

A lacerated kidney is a freak accident from an awkward landing on a TD reception. Completely unpredictable and has nada to do with being a player anyone would consider “injury prone”.

So, I wouldn’t worry about him being injury prone. Save that worry for Sammy Biscuits.

if gordon is there hands down take him. he is the last of the elite RBs that you can rely on week in and week out. after that its any of the top WRs left, and hoping that fournette or hunt make it back to me so i can start off with a top 12 talent at both WR and RB.