Who to take at pick 20?

I have the #1 pick in my fantasy football draft this weekend…its a full point PPR league with 10 teams. I’m pretty confident in taking Bell or Gurley with the first pick, however in mocks when I hit my 2nd round pick which is pick number 20 I’m stuck on who to take between these guys…D. Adams, Freeman, Mike Evans, and GRONK. (These are the players I’ve noticed that are still on the board around pick 20) I also have the 21st pick.

Adams for sure for me…

Gronk is fine too

And Freeman should have a good year as well. But I love Adams with a healthy Rodgers

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its either adams or gronk for me too.
if I had to choose, i think gronk. having gurley&gronk or bell&gronk is pretty nasty. thats so many fantasy points. esp since edelman is suspended for a little bit, thats just more targets for gronk

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In a 10 man league, if gronk is there at the end of the 2nd, I am taking gronk every single time. In a shallow league, the advantage you get from Gronk is massive. Every team is going to be stacked so you need to find advantages where you can.

I would take Gronk and Freeman back to back. Freeman is a beast RB with legit #1 RB upside, we’ve seen it. I don’t expect him to do it, but I expect positive regression heavily for Falcons this year and expect freeman to hit double digit TDs, 1k+ yards on the ground and another 400-500 yards in the air. Opening a draft with Bell/Freeman/Gronk would make me feel ecstatic.

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