Who to take with 1st pick?

Hey guys, I’m in a 10 man league, full ppr,we get one keeper and I am keep Saquon, and I have the first pick. After all the players being kept the top players available are Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs,Clyde Edwards, Miles Sanders, Nick Chubb. I really want to go RB because the WRs are very deep this year. I’m really debating between Henry and Jacobs. I feel Henry is safer but Jacobs has more upside, what do you guys think?

I agree with your assessment. But with Saquon already on your roster, I feel like the safe move is the way to go. Save your dart throws for WR and TE.

I would be deciding between Henry and CEH personally, and might lean CEH with the PPR upside but I think Henry is safer like you say.