Who to take with the 4th

About to draft and I have the 4th pick. 10 man league, PPR.

Who should I take??

I’m leaning Kamara (or Elliott, if he’s there)

Any arguments for someone other than those 2? Obviously gonna have a good pick regardless, but would like to know some what the consensus is.


Depends on what’s left when you get there. I’ve had Micheal Thomas go in front of the usual top 3. If that’s the case, I’d definitely pick Quon or Zeke over Kamara. That’s based on his recent epidural, which might be less of a red flag for you than it is more me. Cook is also another common option at that slot if you’re looking to pivot from Kamara. My most recent draft had Kamara fall to slot 9 :grimacing:

Edited b/c I can’t proofread apparently

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I ended up going with Kamara (would’ve went Zeke but he went right before at 3). Swung back around and was able to get CEH with my 2nd pick and somehow Chubb in the 3rd! Still drafting as we speak.

Thanks for the input!


Haha well it seems like you’ve got a pretty great start either way then. Happy drafting!

so without trying to sound overconfident, I’m pretty pleased with how the draft went (though there have been plenty of years where I’m pleased with my draft only to be disappointed by year’s end). But anyways, here’s my how my draft went. 10 team PPR. I picked 4th.

QB: K. Murray
RB: Kamara; CEH; N. Chubb; A. Gibson; J. Howard; L. Murray
WR: A. Robinson; R. Woods; M. Gallup; T. Lockett; D. Samuel
TE: A. Hooper; N. Fant
K: Z. Gonzalez
DEF: Vikings

What are your thoughts??