Who to take?

10 team, full PPR league. I have the 2nd pick and will be going Bell or DJ (Bell or Gurley will go 1).
Coming back around my options seem to be: Doug Baldwin, Mike Evans, or Gronk. I’ll be able to get Freeman or CMC after the turn.

So who do I take?? Baldwin, Evans, Gronk, or someone else?

Sounds like you’re going to have a beast squad right off the bat. I wouldn’t go DJ that early though. I would just lock in Bell or Gurley, whoever doesn’t go 1st. Then late 2nd I’d pick Evans because I think his TD’s get back around the 10 mark (plenty of garbage time in TB this year). then I’d go Freeman. May be slow to start because I think Falcons will try to showcase Coleman early on and then trade him before the deadline. But even as a Panthers fan McCaffrey scares me that early in the draft. Goal line work won’t be there and Anderson is way better than Stewart was the last couple of seasons.

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I personally just prefer DJ over Gurley; and when it’s that close, I’m going to take the guy I like.
As for Evans, you’re not worried about Winston being out for 3 games and also getting off to a slow start? He might not recover like last year.
I get the fear about CMC but I don’t want McCoy with the possible suspension, don’t believe in McKinnon, and Freeman might be gone; so, I don’t think I have another option besides CMC.
Thanks for your initial thoughts, I’d love to hear what you think about my thought process.

That’s totally fair! I took DJ 1st overall 2 years ago and he carried my team all year so I can’t blame you there. I think in full PPR DJ will probably finish above Gurley, I just think Gurley’s team will be better and they’ll pound the rock with him well into the 4th quarter. But the argument can be made that DJ’s team is worse and they’ll have to throw to him all game long.

For Evans I’m not scared at all. Fitz is the same QB who made Decker and Marshall WR1’s a couple years ago. And he’ll be getting more reps in training camp/pre-season since they know Jameis will be out. Last year was his lowest TD total ever so I think that comes back to the average which would be around 8 or 9. Also, like I said before, should be plenty of garbage time for them, especially in division games. But, you can’t go wrong with Gronk in the back of the second because he is the beastly beast of all beasts. If you do, just keep in mind you’ll probably want a receiver after the turn

I don’t believe in McKinnon either and wouldn’t touch McCoy with a 10ft pole. So if Freeman is gone I think CMC is definitely your best choice. I just wouldn’t take him OVER Freeman.

Honestly, whichever direction you go at those spots you’ll have a great core. But those are the way I’m leaning. We haven’t done our draft order for my LoR yet but I’m praying for a top 3 pick because you can start so strong.

I agree with all you points; and, although I love Gronk, I don’t think I can pull the trigger on him that early. I’m really hoping AJ Green falls to me (typically goes 1 pick ahead of me). Either way, I think you’re right about having a good core, hopefully it works that way lol.